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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bringing home the Cows

It's time to bring home the cows off the forest permit. It's beautiful up there this time of year. The leaves are starting to change, but the grass is still green. Makes a person happy to live this life and grateful to do what we do.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Bringing out the Showcalves!

Here we are...back to clipping & picturing calves again! These steers and heifers were weaned the week after we got back from the Fair, tied up, and are turning into a bunch of babies when the grain buckets come out. We are hoping to get some good homes for them to go to as there are some good ones! Online sale October 14th coming up very fast.
Lot 1 Hi Ho Silver

Lot 4 GZ55 General Lee
Lot 7 GB21 Hi Ho Silver
Lot 2 GW32 Hi Ho Silver

Lot 156 GR232 Daddy's Money Heifer

Lot 159 GY56 Lhord Heifer

Lot 9 GB817 Proclamation

Lot 158 GZ732 Uncle Si Heifer

Monday, May 20, 2019

May showers bring green grass!

Happy to announce a new addition to the Ottley family.  Congrats to Bowdrie & Kaylie married May 4, 2019!!


It's been a tough spring, with the weather and calving this year, but you just have to keep going and hope that everything will work out in the end. We hear the same stories from our friends & neighbors and everyone can sympathize.

 This was the scene on April 12, 2019 up the Elba Canyon. Huge snowdrift still packed in tight between the Quakies on our pasture piece. Guess it will be a while before we get to use it.

These boys were feeling good with a little sunshine that popped out, and decided to strike a pose. We have some cool colored calves that we're going to have fun clipping up for the steer sale in the fall. General Lee & Hi Ho Silver sired these fellows.

Alfalfa is starting to come, and snowy /mountain tops are still with us as well.

Bull Lease from Matt Lautner Cattle. Looking forward to some great calves to come from him!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bull Sale & Calving...Why Not??!

 Why would we not want to have the busiest time of the year all at once? Yes, we're calving full steam and the weather has not been too nice this week. The AI and now the clean up cycle are kicking in, so we're getting a bunch of new babies born every day.  The guys are working around the clock trying to keep everything taken care of. It's a daunting task some days, and when the weather is cold and the sleep is lacking, it takes even more patience and determination to get through this season!

Storms keep rollin' in to the valley

This Hi Ho silver Calf already likes to pose!

Everyone likes to admire the cattle...even the little ones. We are offering a $50 credit towards purchase on Sale Day to anyone who comes to the ranch in Malta to view the cattle prior to the Sale. 

IT'S GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER!! We have some good ones this year.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Starting off the New Year!

2019 Here We Come! Ready or Not we're jumping in and starting another round of calving and getting ready for the Bull Sale. How does it seem that time seems to go so quickly now days? Maybe it's because we're so busy with everything and if we slowed down what would we do with ourselves anyway?? 

We brought the cows home from Malta and got them sorted into the fields to start the regimen of daily feeding and checking around the clock during calving time.  It's hard not to be a little apprehensive with the level of work involved and you always hope for the best with new sires added to the bull line up.

 It's pretty exciting to get all the data gathered together and turned in to get our bull sale catalog in print. There's just something about holding it in your hand and going through the pages and seeing all your hard work together in one spot and it looks so good! Of course we learn something every year that we just keep trying to improve on next year. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think! Stay tuned for more pictures....

Lot 1 FA924 All Around

Lot 12 FC654 Main Event
Lot 4 FC933 Cowboy Cut

Lot 18 FA61 J Bar J Night Ride

Lot 105 FA65 Kahuna Heifer

Lot 135 F22G Boss Heifer

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Changing of the Seasons

Despite the cold weather and windy day, we had a good preview of our calves on Saturday, Oct 13. We enjoyed having those who came to join us for the tri-tip sandwiches and hot cocoa was the hit of the day. Thank goodness for a barn that not only warms up calves, but worked well for serving lunch. 

Good helpers!


Good friends makes it all worthwhile!

Some of life's problems are solved around the barn.

    We are very excited for the new owners of Barker Cattle Company Show Calves & Heifers. We have been getting them all settled to their various destinations in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, & California. It's always humbling to hear kind words such as, "You guys are a class act", or "Thanks for your guidance in helping us select a good calf". That's why we like to stay in touch and are always happy to hear from our customers. We like getting pictures and notes along the way about how they are progressing. 

     The seasons change quickly, and the work keeps coming just in different phases.

Cows on the forest range permit ready to be gathered. 

Gotta take time to admire the Fall Colors

The first snow of the season decides to make an appearance this October. 

And the cows happily trail onto greener pastures in Malta. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 2 of Pictures!

We had a beautiful day today and were able to get some more pictures done. We are really impressed with the way the calves handle and are coming along. They just seem to be getting better & better the 
longer they are weaned and on feed. Picturing can be a stressful thing, but today everything went really well. We'll get these sent off so we can get set up on the website soon, and GET READY FOR SALE DAY...October 15th! 

Lot 13 FB1 I Am Legend 

Lot 4 FC40 Michigan

Lot 5 FZ202 One In The Chamber
Lot 6 FA232 Right Time x Eye Candy 

Lot 7 FB21 Strip Tease

Lot 11 FT221 Uncle Si

Lot 20 FW56 Right Time x Lifeline 

Lot 22 FX32 Slugger 

Lot 23 FC86 Michigan

Lot 63 FZ97 Slugger Heifer

Lot 65 FR221 Hi Ho Silver Heifer

Lot 10 FA51 Right Time