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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

True colors

We have some colorful show calf prospects this year out of One In The Chamber, Ready To Roll, Pooh Bear, Unstoppable, Uncle Si & Pistol Pete to name a few .  They aren't very cooperative when it comes to picture taking though. Tyler snapped a few shots when he was driving through them this last week. Here's a sneak peak.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Get 'em Branded!

How did the time go by so fast this year? We just got through with the Bull Sale and calving season was a blur. But, now it's time to dig in and get to branding and vaccinating so we can be ready to get them AI'ed and out to pastures.  The hay stacks are dwindling, the grass is coming, and the cows are wanting to get off "welfare" almost as badly as we're wanting to be done feeding every day! The weather still isn't cooperating very well though, but the rains are greening up the valley nicely. When the sun does start to shine and things warm up a little bit, grass should be up to their bellies in no time.

Thanks to our friends & family from Utah for coming out during their Spring Break to enjoy a little Western Culture and get the first bunch branded. It's not an easy task to organize and keep a crew in line with their jobs when they haven't been accustomed to this work load. But since they came out last year and helped, they can consider themselves to be officially trained!

Pen full of babies to work.

Bring 'em on...we're ready!

Big Mamma trying to hide out in the barn. Bowdrie's show heifer from years ago.

The sorting process has to happen first. Bulls, heifers, or steers...that part is Tom's job to decide. 

Ready to do this!

And first one in the chute...Nice Bull calf!

The art of properly pushing a calf to the chute...don't get kicked, don't let them turn around on you, and don't ever give up!

Official Chute Guys.

Official Cheer leaders! (aka Record keepers)

Moe does not want to miss any action.
There always has to one that gets away just to see who the tough guys really are.

Many hands makes light work, right?

Official photographer for the day. Thank you!!

Really don't want to go in the chute...possibly get out of this here?

Beware of the man with the (vaccine) gun!

Good group of guys!

We are all in this together.

Smiles abound

Would be nice if it was a little warmer, right Ruel?

Time to cowboy up.

Back to your Mammas. Another day is done.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Another Sale Come & Gone

Hard to believe it's come and gone. Another bull sale for us is now in the past. We are hitting the roads making deliveries, but also trying to cope with this crazy winter weather and calving just like all our neighbors. The night before the Sale, we were out at midnight assisting a cow that had the calf half pushed out with a swollen tongue and head, and of course one foot back.  Our California friends, The Schmidt's, got to experience firsthand what a "midnight ride" is all about.  It's amazing how the calves rebound, and it's out in the field going with the rest of them. While we were busy trucking animals in, and taking care of sale things, we want to give a big thanks to our helper Robert Briggs for taking care of things at home. We had over 50 head born those 4 days, and now Braden & Aubrey are going fast & furious trying to catch up on taggin'!  Since this last Saturday was a fairly decent day with some sunshine, we moved the first calvers and their babies up to a drier field, hoping to get them out of the mud and into a good windbreak area. The main group of cows and 2nd calvers seem to be doing fine at the dryfarm and in the cedars.

 We appreciated the support at the Sale, despite Mother Nature doing her best to thwart our efforts.  We could commiserate with those we were in contact with telling tales of calving woes in these conditions we've all been enduring.  But we're always humbled at the amount of people who make the journey to Burley, Idaho and support us. We are excited for the purchases that were made and are confident in the fact that we put forth the very best for our sale offering this year. We look forward to more positive feedback from our customers such as this one:

It takes a lot behind the scenes to pull off a sale. Thank you to our friends and family who come and help us do this. We really couldn't do it without you! From those who helped with tagging, penning, sorting, & bringing in the animals for the sale to those who helped with lunch, checking in & out buyers, to our auctioneer & ring men, for those who handed out Thank you gifts, doing brand inspections, health papers, loading out, and all the little odd jobs...THANK YOU!!

Getting it all Started.

Buyer # anyone? 

Always nice to see the Ring filling up with customers!

And We're On Our Way!

Like father, Like daughter!

A wonderful meal as always, Kay! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Holidays are for Testing Bulls!

Beautiful Day to Test Bulls!

Most Holidays are Working Days for us and President's Day 2017 was no different. With all the kids out of school it was very nice to have a full crew able (& willing?) to help.

Great Crew!

Behind the Scenes...Way to keep things rollin!

All Hands on Deck!

It was a long day to get through over 100 bulls, but everyone saw it through to the end for a job well done!  Thanks to Bear River Animal Clinic for providing their services also.  We really need to get some knee pads for Doc Ira!

Trich & Semen testing.

As Braden is the one who is around the bulls the most as the feeder and day to day caregiver, he was given the task of sifting out those who didn't meet our criteria (Size, Phenotype, or Structure).  Tyler took the opportunity to personally evaluate each of the remaining ones and made some ranking notes that will come in handy when it comes time to put together the Sale Order list.

Tom stayed in Elba watching over the herd as calving is in full swing. We're up to almost 200 head done with another 300 to go. We're getting anywhere from 10-20 every day, so if Braden & Aubrey miss a day on tagging, they're really behind!  So far most have all been our AI calves. We are starting to get the first go around of clean up bred calves now.

We'll be hauling the bulls in to the Burley Livestock Auction Yard on Saturday, so hopefully they'll be settled in and not messing around!

They'll be available for people to come look through there.  There will still be over 90 head of bulls, and this offering is perhaps the overall best group of bulls we've offered.  The heifers will also speak for themselves.

As Ruel said: The effort and work exhibited to get to this point is all worth it when the product turns out like this in the end!

We're excited to get them to town and out to our buyers. We have been making calls and are encouraged with the amount of positive comments we're receiving.  From Nevada, a buyer from last year commented: "We certainly appreciate your nice bulls! I look forward to this year's calves. I hope the weather is more welcoming than it has been. Best of rewards at your sale. Your product is wonderful. Thank you for doing a great job."


BVD ear notched and a shot of Draxxin and Inforce was given to all. 

Sporting the new Tags!


Always fun to bring friends out to experience our world!

Mess with Braden and see what you get!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Calving in Full Swing!

We aren't officially supposed to be started calving until February 8, but the weather might be a factor in our early start. We started last Thursday and have over 40 head now.  They all seem to be doing good so far.  Other than we're a little lop-sided right now on the heifer calves, we'll see how it ends up when it's all said and done. We're excited for some of these new sires that we tried out...SimAngus Bulls Cowboy Cut & Main Event and Angus Bulls Remedy & Identity are two that we like the looks of.

Had to plow roads through the dryfarm to be able to make the checks. 

Thank goodness for the cedars! They can find a dry place to get up out of the snow & wind.

Check out the calving nest this girl made! Good mamma there!

Getting 'em mothered!