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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Get 'em Branded!

How did the time go by so fast this year? We just got through with the Bull Sale and calving season was a blur. But, now it's time to dig in and get to branding and vaccinating so we can be ready to get them AI'ed and out to pastures.  The hay stacks are dwindling, the grass is coming, and the cows are wanting to get off "welfare" almost as badly as we're wanting to be done feeding every day! The weather still isn't cooperating very well though, but the rains are greening up the valley nicely. When the sun does start to shine and things warm up a little bit, grass should be up to their bellies in no time.

Thanks to our friends & family from Utah for coming out during their Spring Break to enjoy a little Western Culture and get the first bunch branded. It's not an easy task to organize and keep a crew in line with their jobs when they haven't been accustomed to this work load. But since they came out last year and helped, they can consider themselves to be officially trained!

Pen full of babies to work.

Bring 'em on...we're ready!

Big Mamma trying to hide out in the barn. Bowdrie's show heifer from years ago.

The sorting process has to happen first. Bulls, heifers, or steers...that part is Tom's job to decide. 

Ready to do this!

And first one in the chute...Nice Bull calf!

The art of properly pushing a calf to the chute...don't get kicked, don't let them turn around on you, and don't ever give up!

Official Chute Guys.

Official Cheer leaders! (aka Record keepers)

Moe does not want to miss any action.
There always has to one that gets away just to see who the tough guys really are.

Many hands makes light work, right?

Official photographer for the day. Thank you!!

Really don't want to go in the chute...possibly get out of this here?

Beware of the man with the (vaccine) gun!

Good group of guys!

We are all in this together.

Smiles abound

Would be nice if it was a little warmer, right Ruel?

Time to cowboy up.

Back to your Mammas. Another day is done.