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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Valley so Green!

The rains this spring have been steady. A little challenging to get all the cows bred & branded in, but we aren't complaining too loud.   Our Elba Valley is green and with a little sunshine, things will really start growing.

Round up ready Alfalfa field. Only water so far coming from rains. Probably ready to cut 1st week of June.

Everleaf Oats coming nicely.  Still snow on the mountains. Count your many blessings!

Heli-Wood spraying sagebrush for us today. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Life We Live!

It's hard to explain the life that we live here on the ranch in Elba to those who don't live this lifestyle. The best way is to come experience it for yourself, and that's exactly what the Sandstrom's decided to let their friends & neighbors come be a part of this weekend with us.  Welcome to the Dobson & Rhoton families.

 Branding a big group of calves and getting the cows ready to breed for the next week was on the calendar for this Saturday.  Unfortunately a huge Thunderstorm doused us on Friday night.  The hot dog roast had to be postponed and it was questionable if the branding the next morning would even happen.  But, we woke up and found the storm had passed in the night. Even though it was mucky, the horses were saddled up and the cows & calves brought in.  They cooperated really well until the sorting process and then the mud started slinging...everywhere!  But the show must go on!
This bunch wasn't afraid to get in and help.  Everyone was given an assignment and what a great crew they were as we worked through 115 calves and then the cows after that.  
Mike was not going to let one get through on him this time...well, maybe one did.  Glad we'll have drinks again next time. Thanks, Mike!

Fresh Rocky Mountain Oysters!

Some preferred not to come be a part of the branding smoke!  The 4-wheelers in the mud puddles were much more up their alley. 

Bottle Baby Ruby enjoyed the extra attention she got. 

Nasogen..check! Dectomax..check! Brand....check! Vaccinated....check! Tattoo...check!  Blood tested...check!

Uh Oh! We caught it..now to get the rope off.

A lesson in tagging & tattooing were given.

Getting tag #'s to get the tattoo #'s ready to go.
We appreciated the hot lunch and snacks that came out. Thanks, Gals!

Pushing cows up the chute.

Wanna kiss Country style?
Smilin' 'cause we're almost done and those clouds are getting darker & darker!
How to properly feed a bottle calf.  Parker has been trained!
Oh My! What happens at the Ranch..stays at the Ranch!
A chute full of hard working guys!  Nice to have some big guns back there. 

Our Elba Valley is a beautiful site right now.  Everything is  green with all the rains we've received. 

And back to the field we go....Another day is done.   We appreciated the help and Thanks for the great pictures Derek Dobson! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

AI Season in Full swing!

We're as dependable as the Postal Service...Rain, or Shine, Snow or Mud we will get all these synchronized cows AI'ed!  It's almost like a kid at Christmas Time when we're going through the Sire Books making decisions on what semen to order for the new year.  We're excited to see what these bulls can do for us: One In The Chamber, Ready To Roll, General Lee, Pistol Pete, Uncle Si, Remedy, Identified, Payweight, Beacon, Black Hawk, Main Event & Cowboy Cut to name a few.

All the dates for the different groups of cows have been planned on the calendar for when to cidr, give their shots, & breed.  It's getting down to a science now, but it still takes a lot of work to get it all done.  The cows will be happy to be turned out to Green Pastures with their clean up bull when this is complete.

Tom is getting warmed up & ready to go...550 head here we come!

Always has to be one that won't cooperate.

There are some blue skies every once in a while, but the storms aren't far behind.  At least it's good for the oats we just planted and we aren't having to move sprinkler pipes right now too!

Ready to Thaw & Load!

Sorting the cows & calves on horseback.  It's a muddy job, but somebody has to do it.