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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Woke up to a surprize this morning.  New baby bull calf in the field.  Mom & Baby both doing well.  Not supposed to start with calving until Jan 20. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Here they are!

Drum roll please....2015 upcoming Herd Prospects that will be in our sale, March 3, 2015 in Burley, Idaho.  It was a hard day to get good pictures, but we continued on and got through a few.  There are some "beefy" boys, and it's exciting to see them develop.  
Getting them to pose and get just the right shot to show off their best features is not an easy task!

B8042 Net Worth Bull (PB Angus)

BR440 Game Day Bull  (PB Angus)

BS221 Maker's Mark Bull (3/4 Sm 1/4 Ma)

BT77 Game Day Bull (PB An)

BZ240 Game Day Bull (1/4 Sm 3/4 An)
Braden & Tyler Torching the hair for the finishing touches. 
Kamri, Charlee, & Cash getting them cleaned before they head to the finishing chute. Brodey, Call, & Ryan Loughmiller were all hanging out helping too. (All under the age of 13!)   Pulling poop tags, blowing, clipping, waving flags, standing in corners  in the cold weather makes for good kids in the end. 
BZ865 Final Answer Bull (3/4 An 1/4 Ma)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Getting ready to start feeding hay

Brodey, "Queenie", Kamri, & "Annie" climbed up on the stack of straw bales to run for a while after setting up the picture pen for tomorrow's project.  We'll start clipping up the bulls and taking pictures/videos.  Let the fun begin! 

We have been enjoying the mild weather so far, but know that the time is soon coming that we'll have to start feeding the cows.  Although, the cows should be grateful they are in Malta right now and not in Elba as we got quite a bit of snow with this last storm.  The cows at Malta were spread out and grazing today when we went down to weigh the bulls.

Weighed 90 head of bulls and averaged 1088 lbs. They are bigger than you think when you get behind them and start pushing them up the chute. 

We had to finally get another Dodge truck to replace the good Ol' Tank!  The guys have been in process of switching over the hydra-bed and attachments to get it ready to go.  Not an easy task. 


Friday, December 19, 2014

Cattle Drive to Malta

"Living the Dream" and driving the cattle to pasture in Malta. The snow only lasted a little while today and the cows trailed out well.  Only took 5 hours to make the 12 mile trip.  The cows will be happy now they are there...  lots of feed on the pivots for them to graze.
Braden & Kamri 
Tom Trying the new colt out.

Many cars came through and stopped to visit.  A couple stopped to take pictures along the way.

Even our friends from California came and joined in. Glad you could be here for the fun, Trevor & Mike Schmidt!

Thanks for joining the crew today, Aubrey. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Utah Cattlemen's Display

It's becoming a tradition for us, Kay's carmels & cheeseballs seem to draw in the people.  Getting excited to have the bull sale #'s starting to come in.  Spreadsheets are available with all the bulls we have and listing their birth weights & weaning weights as well. Registrations are being submitted and 50K testing on the Purebred Angus Bulls.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Mangers going up in Malta

Expanding some feed-yard space at Malta to be able to feed out our heifers and utilize the pasture there.  Thanks to Larson Construction for their skills and getting the job done!