Barker Cattle Co is a family owned and operated ranch located in the beautiful mountains of southeastern Idaho; specializing in bulls, heifers, and show steers.


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Branding Time is here again

Hard to believe it's that time of year again to get the branding irons out and calves worked.  

Full corral to brand

Kamri Trying to get a little nap in.

The one that got away!

Ruel & Kamri working on the tattoo guns. 

A good crew to get the job done.

And Cidrs in the cows when we were done branding.  A long day. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Drifts & Synchronizing

More snow than we've had all winter decided to come the last 2 days.  Brrr!!  It feels colder in the springtime when it snows.  Maybe it's because we're out in it trying to get the Spring work done. 
Most of the snow that fell didn't stay on the ground, but blew everywhere! 

Synchronization supplies...Check!

Bowdrie getting some time in for his Senior Project hours.  

Put Cidrs in 145 head this afternoon.  Going to be busy next week. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Satisfied customers!

It's always nice to hear some feedback from customers and know that what we're producing is performing for our customers.  Thanks for sharing!

Can you do this with your heifer in the barnyard?  Just purchased by K.Wells, Oakley, Idaho at the March 3, 2015.  Getting ready for breeding time.

Likes to get some scratching time in. 

Feedback  From Josh Nelson, Utah: As always I'm super impressed with the calves that we've gotten from the Boss Prowler Bull. The best I've ever seen.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Time Vaccinating

Time to get rolling with those spring time vaccinations again.  Wish it would rain and give us a little relief from the dust.  Starting to get out the AI books and look through herd bull prospects.   Grass is greening up and cows are wanting to get back off "welfare" and into the pastures.
Trailing 1st calf heifers to the corral. 

First Calf heifers have really been milking well this year. 

Girl Power!  Aubrey & Kamri gettin' it done! 

Newlyweds surveying the calf crop.