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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gathering Cows from the Forest

Hard to believe it's that time of year that the cows need to come back home from the Forest Permit.  The guys have been riding the past week gathering and sorted yesterday and today.  It's quite a sight to see and no small feat to get everyone back to their own fields.  It was reported that over 35 riders were up to the task today.  Some old, some young, but mostly the same crowd that comes year after year to get the job done.

Saddling up for the day

The beautiful mountain range they get to run on all summer long.

Surveying the job

Cutting time

Get 'er done!

Working 'em out of the circle

Back to the meadows and doctoring one for a bad eye.  Glad to be home.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Make over Time!

It is so fun to take a calf from the corral, bring it in to the chute, comb the mud out, spray on a little show sheen, and dig in with the clippers!  A big transformation today with this red No Suprise Steer, CP222.

We decided it's easier to do a few every day than have to do a big group all at once, so today we got another 5 head done. We had a couple of visitors that stopped in and checked out the calves while we were working.  It's always nice to have someone come look and be as excited about the prospects as we are.  Always happy to give a few clipping tips along the way too, or better yet...Anyone can grab the blower or clippers and dig in themselves!

CP114 Unstoppable

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Poster Kids

Clipped a few of the steers and heifers up today to start getting a postcard and flyer together for the State Fairs  So fun to dig into the hair and see what's under there.  The really cool thing is there are another 10 more out in the field still that could've come in just as easily to be clipped.  

CK50 No Surprize Steer

CR221 Monopoly 4 Heifer

CS865 Monopoly 4 Heifer

CT58 No Surprize Steer

CYP51 Unstoppable Steer

This guy is just FUN!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

All In a Day's Work!

Got the bull calves weaned today and hauled to Malta.  110 of them to be exact!  Will be some bawling mother cows for a couple of days around here, but that's the nice thing about being able to take them out of here.  They don't seem to linger as long.

Snapped this picture of Tom & Ruel in their Office this afternoon.  Big things to discuss!