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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Today it was the heifer's Photo Day.  We have been dodging storms with every session we've done.  Today was no different as a Winter Storm Warning was posted and Tyler braved the roads to get here.  We ended up having blue skies but a chilly wind that cut right through you.  At one point our clipboard with photo cards went flying everywhere. It's always an adventure for sure!  The heifers look really good  and we're glad to get them pictured to submit for the catalog

Saturday, January 23, 2016

More bull pics

Another big day today of picturing.  A few snow flurries came and went and we trudged on.  Thanks to the cleaning crew (Brodey, Kamri, Robert, & Aubrey) for keeping up with the photographers. It's dirty job...someone has to do it!  The end result is worth it.  Check them out!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bull picturing

Well, we gave it our best at trying to get some photos of the bulls today so we can get our catalog and next ads ready.  Mother Nature decided she was in control however, so we opted to sort out the heifers that will be in the sale and settled for a few pics while the sun shone for a brief moment.

The Best of the Best!  These bulls all sell March 1st.

My view from the feed truck. Can I just stay in please? 

Brodey being the decoy.

Braden and a 2 yr old bull in a standoff.  Whatever it takes to get "the shot". 

The bad part about filming...no where for Tyler to run.

Another day boys.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

We are set!

The snow is still coming here and keeping the ground covered, but we got the 1st baby of 2016 and it's a boy!  One of the 174 heifers we have to calve out, decided to try it out earlier than expected (not due til Jan 28)  but she did it on her own.  Tiny little guy out of Thunder.  We went ahead and brought him to the barn, just to make sure he's sucking.

You can barely see his ears poking up in the straw! Don't you wish you had a warm bed like this?

Just has to get these legs moving to get to dinner!

The guys were busy today cleaning out the old milking barn and put in some new heat boxes in case of cold weather. 

And a brand new heater that makes it cozy enough, maybe we'll be sleeping out here too! 

Still in process: New metal hutches that can be moved around in the fields

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting ready!

The guys are gearing up and getting all the fields, corrals, hutches, windbreaks, & calf boxes ready to go for calving season.  Ordered all the supplies...windbreak complete...fields cleared...heifers brought up from Malta...and now a big water trough installed.  1st round due Jan 28th.  We are almost ready!

Going to take a while to fill this one! 900 gallons! Hopefully the pump will be able to keep up better as they get the float set. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Year!

Tyler & Ruel came out today and we wandered through the bulls to see how they're looking.  Part of them have been clipped now to get ready for picture day.  Braden has been doing a good job of feeding them and we'll see how their gains are coming next week when we weigh them again and dectomax.  It's always exciting to look through the prospects for this year's sale.  They are bigger than you think when you get in amongst them.  They seem to be a calm group which is nice.
Nice Sm x An Prospect.

A good looking bunch of bulls

Fresh Straw a must in these cold temps right now. 

A curious bunch...Ruel doing some "Bull Whispering"
It's going to be Picture Time soon, boys! Get those poses ready.