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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Changing of the Seasons

Despite the cold weather and windy day, we had a good preview of our calves on Saturday, Oct 13. We enjoyed having those who came to join us for the tri-tip sandwiches and hot cocoa was the hit of the day. Thank goodness for a barn that not only warms up calves, but worked well for serving lunch. 

Good helpers!


Good friends makes it all worthwhile!

Some of life's problems are solved around the barn.

    We are very excited for the new owners of Barker Cattle Company Show Calves & Heifers. We have been getting them all settled to their various destinations in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, & California. It's always humbling to hear kind words such as, "You guys are a class act", or "Thanks for your guidance in helping us select a good calf". That's why we like to stay in touch and are always happy to hear from our customers. We like getting pictures and notes along the way about how they are progressing. 

     The seasons change quickly, and the work keeps coming just in different phases.

Cows on the forest range permit ready to be gathered. 

Gotta take time to admire the Fall Colors

The first snow of the season decides to make an appearance this October. 

And the cows happily trail onto greener pastures in Malta. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Day 2 of Pictures!

We had a beautiful day today and were able to get some more pictures done. We are really impressed with the way the calves handle and are coming along. They just seem to be getting better & better the 
longer they are weaned and on feed. Picturing can be a stressful thing, but today everything went really well. We'll get these sent off so we can get set up on the website soon, and GET READY FOR SALE DAY...October 15th! 

Lot 13 FB1 I Am Legend 

Lot 4 FC40 Michigan

Lot 5 FZ202 One In The Chamber
Lot 6 FA232 Right Time x Eye Candy 

Lot 7 FB21 Strip Tease

Lot 11 FT221 Uncle Si

Lot 20 FW56 Right Time x Lifeline 

Lot 22 FX32 Slugger 

Lot 23 FC86 Michigan

Lot 63 FZ97 Slugger Heifer

Lot 65 FR221 Hi Ho Silver Heifer

Lot 10 FA51 Right Time 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Still here just BUSY!!

Does it seem like the time just flies by? We go from season to season in the blink of an eye and somehow we just keep rolling with ranch, family, community& church happenings. We do enjoy our lifestyle though so we won’t complain, but keeping up with everything required can be a challenge.

We've been gearing up for the Online Club-Calf and Heifer sale coming up on October 15th. Anyone can come view the calves before then, but we will have the Preview day at the Ranch on October 13th and be serving food! Probably going to roll out the smoker and do some tri-tip again. Doesn't that sound good right now?

 It's fun to see some of these calves develop that we've been watching since the day they were born. Take "Whitey" for example...He was brought into the barn as a baby to get warmed up and going. He has been a marker in the herd with his cool color and hair, but as we clipped him, he's even turned into more of a pet. Scratching him right in the pen while we were taking pictures.
Already Broke to Tie!

Lovin' the back scratchin'

One cool Dude! Lot 1 F817 Hi Ho Silver
Lot 3 FZ55 General Lee

Lot 18 FA577 Uncle Si

Lot 2 FS221 Strip Tease

Lot 8 F991 Strip Tease

Lot 9 FZ131 Uncle Si

Lot 16 FY51 Strip Tease


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bull Sale 2018

 We were very happy to have the day of the Bull Sale Finally here! It takes a lot of work to put a sale together and when it's finally done, it's a Nice Feeling! We'll be on the road now delivering to the various destinations.  Thanks to our customers for their support, and the many family & friends who came to help out in numerous ways. We appreciated you all. 
Getting the office ready to go

A family reunion. 

Always nice to see the stands fill up.

A good crowd for us! 
And the bidding has begun! 

Why do these cute girls have to grow up so fast? 

Al the way from Brazil, exchange student Gabi helped us out by being the photographer for the  day.  

Long Time Friends, Gene & Bonnie Ostler took home the top selling bull today, Lot 1. He's a good one! 

We believe in the future of Agriculture, and are happy to present this check to our local FFA Chapter at Raft River High School for 1% of the proceeds from purchases within the school boundaries. 

A wonderful meal and good treats were in abundance. You know it will be good with Kay in charge! 
Thanks for the help in the kitchen. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Reflecting & Looking Ahead

Time has flown since the steer sale and things didn't seem to slow down much. Just a different season and same routines that signal a new year has begun. Looking back it was a year where we lost some who were close to us, but also gained some new additions as well.

Barker Family 

While we cherish the memories of friends and family members who left us, we are excited for what the future holds with new babies, the next generation of kids/grandkids progressing in their lives, missionaries returning from 2 years of successful service, and Newly Weds starting their eternal lives together. 
Tyler & Amanda Barker Family

Tom & Sally Ottley Family

We are thankful for our blessings of having families and the privilege to be involved in Agriculture. We love the Elba Valley we call Home and are extremely grateful for associations with the good people we work with.  Let's make 2018 the best yet!

How can it be possible we are marching head on into bull sale time? Catalogs are in the making and soon to hit mailboxes. Check out this stout guy! He was one of those selected to clean up and picture, and just seems to say "Take my picture!" But there's plenty of good ones to choose from.