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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Finished Product

For most of us, the Fair is coming up soon and it's fun to see the finished product and what they turn into in the end. Here are a couple from our Showsteer Sale last year. If you have some pictures be sure to send them to us so we can post your progress as well. 


Lot 8 DP222 No Surprize

Lot 8 DP222 No Surprize Steer shown by Rance Allen. Mom reports, this steer has been a "baby". We knew he just needed the right home and some TLC. (born partially blind)

Lot 2 DR32 No Surprize

Lot 8 DP222 No Surprize Steer shown by Rance Allen
 Lot 2 DR32 No Surprize shown by Randa Allen

Headed to Lincoln County Fair Next Week. They are Finished! Good luck!! 

Lot 16 DA105 Man O' War

Check out how this late April born calf fed out! Lot 16 DA105 shown by Brodey Ottley.

Lot 9 DX56 Itallion Stallion

He had hair then and still kept it! Going to be a fun one to get ready for the show.  Lot 9 DX56 Itallion Stallion shown by Kamri Ottley

And let's don't forget the new addition that joined Braden & Aubrey Ottley! Welcome to the Ranch- Kinlee Sue born on June 29th.