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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another round of pictures for Bulls

Cleaned up 15 head of bulls today and took some more pictures trying to get some good ones for the catalog.  It's always a challenge with these animals.  At first we were afraid the fog was going to hamper us, but it turned out to be a pretty good day.   Thanks Nathan & Laura for helping us out. 
BN654 Net Worth

BP221 Upgrade

BS240 Black Jack 

BS654 Net Worth
BT77 Game Day

BW69 Maker's Mark

BW90 Michigan  (Lucky Man son)

BW93 Black Jack 

BX43 Lutton son

Bowdrie showed this bull BZ3 Upgrade son with his mother at the Cassia County Fair this Summer.  Still is halter broke! 

BZ17 Upgrade son

BZ240 Game Day

BZ865 Final Answer 

Hitting that "itchy" spot. Pretty Tame fellow. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Producer Meetings

We held 2 Producer meetings this week in Oakley & Almo.  Thanks to Larry Gran & Jed Hutchison from Zoetis for presenting the information on GeneMax testing.  We are learning alot about this exciting tool to help with our Ranch and are happy to be promoting it with our bull & heifer sale.
Thank you, Larry Gran from Zoetis.

A great turnout at Almo.  Thank you to Almo Outpost for serving a delicious meal. 

Tyler discussing with the Eliason's  more about the data. 

Oakley Firestation was a nice setting for our meeting. 
Presenting Oakley FFA Chapter with their Kickback check from Sale.  Looking forward to getting that boosted at this year's sale. 

Which heifer would you choose?  We found in our own data, the eye catching ones may not have the best #'s. 

It was a great time to catch up with old friends.  Bruce Bedke & Ruel Barker

Bill Jones & Ruel Barker

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Picture Time!

Our favorite thing to do...pictures for bull sale catalog.  We were able to get alot done yesterday.

The 3 stooges, Brodey, Call, & Cash were the attention getters.
Braden & Robert had the crew of girls..Charlee, Kamri, & Bella cleaning & clipping.  Aubrey overseeing the work. 

Doing whatever it takes to get their attention. Bowdrie playing kitty kitty...

No one move...we are going to get that shot!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Heifers coming in

We have been getting ready for awhile for the new heifers to arrive.   The first group of 25 came in on Saturday, and a second group of 73 came last night.  One more group to come on Monday.  The plan is to get them bred up and sell as a nice group of bred replacement heifers.
Fresh off the truck and ready to find some pasture.

New water trough installed

New Manger completed. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clipping bulls...the fun it is!

Beautiful "spring" weather today helped us get 10 head of bulls clipped in fairly fast time.  Only 74 head left to go now!
Tom & Braden in the front chute clipping & burning.  Robert & Sally were in the back chute cleaning.

These bulls are feeling their oats with the nice weather. 

When they get up close to you, it makes you a little nervous wondering if they're going to stop or just keep coming.  There are some "big boys". 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Highlights of 2014....Here we come 2015!

Calving Season began.
Raft River FFA check for kickback from Bull Sale. 
Bowdrie Ottley Grand Champion Born & Raised Cassia County Fair

Bull & Female Production Sale...Great turnout and Sale! 

New Blue Tractor arrived in Elba

Branding & AI season completed. 

Memorial Day Branding crew.

Barker Cattle Co. Top Breeder Cassia County Born & Raised

Weaning 92 bull calves
Charlee Barker-Reserve Champion Utah State Fair

Clipping clinic at Steer & Heifer Sale

Taking Cows to the Forest.  Breakfast on the mountain.

Making new mangers for heifers at Malta.

Display at Utah Cattlemen's Convention.

Driving cows to Malta pasture.