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Friday, October 6, 2017

A few more for the Line-up!

We're getting a few more done every day in between hunting times, that is! As we're going down through the Line-up, we are pleasantly surprised as we clip and picture them. There seem to be more good ones clear through. Check them out for yourself!

Meet Big Bertha! Lot #11 EA812. She should've been a steer with the markings she has and powerful back end, but could raise some cool clubbies for someone in the future. 

We told you the calves were only getting better & better as time is progressing. Here's the proof. 

Lot 1 EX131 One In The Chamber. He ripples when he walks, he is just full of natural muscling and depth! 

What a STUD! Lot 2 ES865 Ready To Roll to someone's house that wants a quality package. 

Lot 47 E804 Unstoppable with her red coloring you gotta love her look! 

Lucky #13 could be your winner! Lot 13 that is...ETH221 One In The Chamber sire. 


Little Pooh Bear! Lot 14 EM8, came to the corral early as his mamma didn't have much milk. We knew he could make a great club calf, so we started him on grain and he's done great! 

Lot 20 EZ55 General Lee x Mercedes Benz

Lot 18 EK50 Another one that came to the corral early because his mom died. He definitely catches your eye. 

Lot 19 K77 Kahuna. His mom broke her leg as a heifer, and we babied her back to health. She has produced showcalves for years and we're sad to say this will be the finale. 

Lot 21 EW114 General Lee 

Lot 50 EX72 Ready To Roll Heifer. Really like her!  

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