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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Still here just BUSY!!

Does it seem like the time just flies by? We go from season to season in the blink of an eye and somehow we just keep rolling with ranch, family, community& church happenings. We do enjoy our lifestyle though so we won’t complain, but keeping up with everything required can be a challenge.

We've been gearing up for the Online Club-Calf and Heifer sale coming up on October 15th. Anyone can come view the calves before then, but we will have the Preview day at the Ranch on October 13th and be serving food! Probably going to roll out the smoker and do some tri-tip again. Doesn't that sound good right now?

 It's fun to see some of these calves develop that we've been watching since the day they were born. Take "Whitey" for example...He was brought into the barn as a baby to get warmed up and going. He has been a marker in the herd with his cool color and hair, but as we clipped him, he's even turned into more of a pet. Scratching him right in the pen while we were taking pictures.
Already Broke to Tie!

Lovin' the back scratchin'

One cool Dude! Lot 1 F817 Hi Ho Silver
Lot 3 FZ55 General Lee

Lot 18 FA577 Uncle Si

Lot 2 FS221 Strip Tease

Lot 8 F991 Strip Tease

Lot 9 FZ131 Uncle Si

Lot 16 FY51 Strip Tease


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